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7 Myths On Weight Loss Columbus, Ohio Centers Fail To Mention (Usually)

Most centers for weight loss that Columbus, Ohio is home to don't always give you the full story on how to get success with your goals. Of course, we cannot speak for everyone, but we are very reasonably confident that most of the centers for weight loss in the Columbus area tend to leave out a few things.

Not all information is created equal. In fact, it would be fair to say that these are popular myths, misconceptions, or just flat out lies concerning weight loss.

Girl on scale scared

Let's debunk a few of those myths that have been passed around for so long. So often, these are naturally missed by most weight loss centers - in Columbus or anywhere. Realizing the FACTs will help you out significantly.

• MYTH: "Calories in equals calories on" - Another way to say that myth is this: "If the calories in are more than the calories that you burn off, then you gain weight"
Not true.
FACT: There are 3 ways that your body can burn off or waste caloric energy without conscious effort. Your body has a metabolic set-point. The trick is not to fight it, but learn how to work with it and re-train it. Re-train it to be thin and comfortable. Imagine how easy things can be if your body has a new metabolic set-point and is "wanting" to be at a lower weight. Most weight loss programs do not have that.

• MYTH: You have to diet in order to lose weight
FACT: This one is somewhat similar to the previous myth. Starvation causes the metabolism to go into slow-down mode - not speed up. Result, weight gain - not loss. "Diets don't work and they never will" - Remington , Fisher, & Parent. If you want to lose weight, you have to have an add-to strategy. Again, most clinics for weight loss tend to deal in regimentation and limitation.

• MYTH: The calories that you burn during exercise equal the calories that you "can afford"
FACT: We don't care how many calories you burned during exercise. Forget about all of that. Throw those numbers out the window. Burn that. What we care about is how you exercise. (For more tips on exercise contact the center or see other articles.) The type of exercise that you choose will determine how well your body can burn calories for the remaining 22 hours in that day.

• MYTH: Losing weight is hard - it has to be hard
FACT: You've heard the phrase "no pain no gain". There is truth to that statement, too, but some people take it too far and think that if it isn't hard, it's not worth doing. Though it is a challenge, one should learn how to make it fun and easy. Our goal, of course, is to have fun while learning… to make it easy while taking the actions. One client, around her third or so session, said something phenomenal. Sitting down, just prior to getting started doing the session, she turned and said "I feel bad for the people who have never been overweight and don't have the opportunity to go through this process." She was referring to how much fun it is and how eye-opening it was to be there, at the center and going through her weight loss process in her life. It was as if to say "what a relief".

• MYTH: Positive affirmations are good enough
FACT: Positive affirmations and positive self-talk are wonderful, and we recommend them, but just telling yourself that "you are thin" or that "everything is ok" is not enough. From that standpoint, if your mind doesn't really believe them, then your mind will try to prove them wrong, and it will backfire. The same goes for hypnotic suggestions. It's great to be given the suggestion that "you feel fuller from less food" or "you enjoy your food more while eating less". But, if you will need additional tools in order to make that work over time.

• MYTH: "I've tried so many times and failed; this is just 'another' attempt"
FACT: If you find yourself giving in to this myth, then you are probably in self-pity, or self-sabotage, or both. Realize that failing several times and believing that you cannot do something because of that is called failure expectancy. Failure expectancy happens only when we do not remember to change our approach. Your success at weight loss is probably a lot more likely than you realize. For example, if you are working toward personal weight loss, Columbus, Ohio is a great place to live. You should count yourself fortunate. Here, we have giant walkways / paths around town that you can use to walk. Those paths are usually clean, well-designed, and they adjoin to beautiful parks and recreation areas. Also, in this locale, the climate has seasons. So, that has a profoundly good and useful effect on the human brain. Your emotions are able to be controlled more easily.

• MYTH: "If I just try harder at the same approach, it will work"
FACT: As an add-on to the previous myth, you will need to change where you place your efforts. Remember that to lose weight naturally without dieting, it is not will power. Again, you will need to change your approach.

So, now that you know the facts, you can begin to get real weight loss results.

For the best possible weight loss programs, Columbus is home to Buckeye Hypnosis. We invite you to make an appointment for a free screening, where you can have your needs evaluated by a seasoned professional. It is fun and informative. In order to determine whether or not you will be accepted, we will need to make sure that you can handle confronting what's actually happening and take feedback.

You will learn exactly what are the things that you will need to change in your mind in addition to the exact steps that you will need to take. You are screened to make sure that you are following directions when you're here so that we can have a reasonable expectation of your success. If we think you need to be somewhere else, we will tell you that.

So, in looking for the best possible way to lose weight, remember these myths (and FACTs). Use them to help yourself to gain focus and motivation. Begin with the proper attitude and you will go far.




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