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"It feels good not to beat myself up anymore. This is the first time I've lost weight and not gained it back. It's a program that actually works. Lost 37 lbs., 2 sizes."
- Jenny Burns, Client

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"After my first session this was far above my expectations. A giant weight has been lifted off my chest that I've been carrying around for years. Thank you." - Abbie Burke, Client, Reporter for Fox News

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"I lost 15 pounds . When I went to my screening, I felt that this was the one and only thing that would actually work for me. Everything's fun about it. If they'll take you as a client, they even give you a written guarantee."
- Debbie Piccard, Receiver, Client

"I lost 23 pounds. I have learned to relax and deal with stress in a whole new way. My self-esteem has now skyrocketed, and my ability to deal with things has totally changed. I am on a quest. Instead of eating when I'm upset, I just relax. Relaxing here helps me to relax at home in a lot of ways Thanks."
- Gail Lamaroux, Client

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Chris Halbohm, Certified Hypnotist

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Chris Halbohm, the weight loss hypnosis expert, showing an audience of clients how to achieve personal goals

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"I think this is great for anyone who is looking at changing 'stuff that doesn't work' in their lives - It's meaningful, easy, and very motivational... It should be part of teaching students K thru 12. You CAN really make a change with this - It's pain free and it works." - Pat Spiech, Client

"I am confident that I will be able to keep the weight off because of the simple, sensible way I lost the weight. I found it easy to make better food choices and to enjoy exercise. Losing 10 pounds has given me the desire to lose more, to be healthier, and feel good about myself."
- Arlene Kratz,

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Stop Obsessing About Food - The Pain & Discomfort, Frustration, Self-Consciousness, Self-Sabotage
Green Check MarkNo More Counting Points Or Calories, Dieting, Pills, or Shakes
Green Check MarkSimple, Doable, Easy, & Fun! Get Your Life Back!

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"I would strongly encourage anyone who has a weight problem to try this as a solution. I have tried just diet and exercise to lose weight, in the past, and lost the weight, but I could not keep it off. Hypnosis has helped me to reduce stress and regain self-awareness and rebuild my self-esteem. It's a useful tool in tapping into the 'me' I'm supposed to be. That 'me' is a thin person who is in control of what she eats and how she feels. It put a lot of things into perspective. Also, very rewarding to interact with other people. It's like no other."
- Stephanie Nelson - Stay-At-Home Mom,

"I'd been trying to MAKE myself thinner - the way I used to be. I needed to find a way to get to a thinner version of me that I value, that I find pleasurable. I'd never looked at it that way before. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know how to help myself change."
- Cindy Sales,

"After my first session, I experienced the most AMAZING changes in my eating habits. Not once have I reached for a pretzel, chip, ice cream, or any other junk foods. I've eaten only healthy foods in smaller portions - and only at mealtimes. I'm not even experiencing hunger pangs! I have not used food as a comfort. There has been no 'emotional' eating as I used to do. In fact, I'm facing a lot more stressors in a more relaxed way. I have tried every other method for losing weight over the years. Some worked for a while, but I always ended up back where I was. This time feels different." - Peggy Makos,

I Lost Over 15 Inches! After this program, I am so proud of myself. I lost 15 1/2 inches. I was told by my exercise instructor, “no one at Curves ever lost so many inches [that quickly]!” For once I’m happy to be this month’s “Biggest Loser”! - Bonnie M. Browne – Hairstylist

She ‘Get’s It’... So Clearly in Her Screening, She Looses 3 Lbs Even BEFORE Her First Session!
The screening is where you completely change the way you think about yourself, your habits, and other people, too. Between my screening and first session, I lost 3 lbs, before I even had the other tools. I believe it’s because I listened carefully and fully committed to the program that helped me begin to change my mind about food and weight.
- Susan J.

I Lost 28 Pounds! I no longer starve myself or skip meals. I don’t feel the need to “fill up”.
- Jason Mills - Teacher / Coach


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We provide a 30-40 minute screening. It’s fun and informative. We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluation of your situation. We'll tell you whether or not we feel hypnosis is right for you. Obviously, because programs are customized for each client, we cannot estimate prices before evaluating you and your situation. You must have a free screening. There's no risk. No obligation. If you are really sincere about solving your problem, then call us right now to find out if this is the answer you've been searching for. Read more here.

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