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I Was Overweight And Suffering Pain & Hassle.
Not Any More... By This Summer, I'll Be Set!

Weight Loss Client After Photo

Hi I'm Theresa, Weight Loss Client    

Before, I had to count points. Or you’ve got to look in the restaurant to find.. searching the menu.. for what’s the healthiest. Now, I go and I just naturally can make healthy decisions. Now, just because I’m stressed about something, I don’t need to turn to food.
This was easy from the first day. For the free screening, I had to look inside and answer some questions about myself. It really made me realize the reasons I did the things I did.
I immediately started, before we even did our first session. I was drinking my water again, and just realizing what I was doing to my body. So, it was actually very easy.
I have a whole different lifestyle. My thought pattern is very different. By the time I hit this summer I’ll be set!
I believe it helps you break those chains, break those barriers - whatever it is that’s holding you to it. So, I would definitely recommend hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Centers In Columbus Ohio -- And How To Make It Work For You

How To Succeed + Our Appearances On Local & National TV

Over-Burdened With Suffering & Pain

Whether you are suffering the physical discomfort and embarrassment of excess weight and the frustrations of trying and failing, or you want to quit smoking because you are fed up with the mess, smell, social stigma of smoking cigarettes, and being controlled... You don't have to struggle any more. You can learn the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you need to be successful at your desired results and goals.

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You found us... Meet other folks, just like you, who have gone ahead before you to do this. Your real future is possible!
Quit Smoking Client

Laura Hoffman - I finally quit a 38-year smoking habit. Weight Loss Center Client Marty Sutton - I lost 57 pounds. Nail Biting Client
Jessica Bair - stopped biting fingernails

Weight Loss Programs Client Tori Barnes - I lost 40 pounds. This was a reality check. Faith Confidence Stress Client
Teresa Ippoliti - More confidence, less stress. Quit Smoking Program Client
Doug Morris - I quit 2 1/2 pack-a-day, 40-year smoking habit
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• Convenience & comfort of your own home or office
• Some things can only be done over the phone - and actually work more!
Easy scheduling and saves you time of travel

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"Hypnosis can help …a growing body of research supports the practice as an effective tool in the treatment of a variety of problems, from anxiety to chronic pain.”
- Newsweek, 9/04

“Hypnosis has gained credibility in the past five years because of research using the latest brain-imaging technology…. Studies show hypnosis can help treat a multitude of disorders...” - Business Week, 2/04

“…throughout the medical mainstream, it's common to be used for addiction…and psychotherapy.” - Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America, 6/02

“On hypnosis…His total loss, 35 pounds!” Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge - Dateline NBC 1/04

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive...hypnosis does help people reduce.” - Smithsonian Magazine, 3/99

“I should have done it years ago…It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes any more.” Matt Damon describing his hypnosis experience to Jay Leno, - The Tonight Show, 12/04


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